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HD Apeiron/42

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Contact-free art scanner delivers the market’s most lifelike results

HD Apeiron/42 is a flexible scanner with natural light LEDs that do not compromise on scan quality and reliability when digitizing original artwork and fine art.

Perfect for: Fine art, artwork, artifacts, posters and prints, building materials, textiles, delicate documents, and much more.


Scan your priceless originals without the face of the media touching the scanner.


FADGI **** and ISO 19264-1 compliant.
Color rendering index (CRI) level >98.
No IR/UV radiation.


Scans up to 42×60 in and 5.1 in height in up to 1200 dpi optical resolution.

Our contact-free art scanner Apeiron/42 uses unparalleled technology to accurately digitize media. With the market’s most realistic image quality, full light control and a unique ability to emphasize details, the scanner is ideal for fine art, fragile artifacts and more.

This is especially suited for museums, copy shops, material manufacturers, and others, who now have a powerful new way to boost the quality of detailed and delicate originals with unprecedented accuracy.

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FADGI ****

HD Apeiron/42 complies to FADGI with 4 stars – defined as the best imaging practical today

ISO 19264-1

This specification applies to scanners and digital cameras used for digitization of cultural heritage material, and HD Apeiron/42 complies

Maximum color rendering index (CRI)

HD Apeiron/42 produces a color rencering index above 98

Energy Star 3.0 certified

Like all other Contex large format scanners – HD Apeiron/42 is Energy Star 3.0 certified.

Powered by X-Rite®

The ICC Color Management in Nextimage Apeiron software is made with X-Rite® color profiling.

Perfect for

HD Apeiron/42’s contact-free scanning process with full light control and no UV/IR radiation makes it the first choice when your job is to safely scan large format fine art, delicate documents, and artwork without the risk of wear and tear. Or when you need to emphasize the unique surface details of building materials and textiles, for example, online or in print.


Dedicated software for contact-free scanning included

The software for HD Apeiron/42 is built on Nextimage, our award-winning software known for its complete set of tools, filters and automated processes for scanning large format originals.

  • Nextimage Apeiron is part of the purchase of HD Apeiron/42
  • ICC color management (powered by X-Rite®)
  • FADGI**** and ISO 19264-1 compliant



Looking for a smaller flatbed scanner?

IQ FLEX is versatile with options for oversize documents, scan to print and also book scanning with page split and auto spine fold elimination.

  • Operate the entire scan process directly from the built-in controller

Scan delicate originals by placing them gently on the glass plate.



Contex uses All-Digital cameras with advanced point-of-origin capture and onboard digital conversion ensuring minimum noise and an extended dynamic range. The unique four-linear CCD technology, with a special panchromatic line, ensures that no colors are lost when scanning monochrome. Quality colormatched LED lighting ensures the market’s highest standards for color correctness.

Fujifilm lenses – a Contex CCD Technology

Like photography, scanned image quality depends heavily on lens quality. Using lenses that are specifically designed for the scanning resolution will ensure against various problems, from uneven sharpness to chromatic errors and color fringing (black lines showing up in color). All Contex CCD scanners use high quality custom Fujifilm lenses to give you the best possible output.

X-Rite ICC profiles

Using X-Rite generated profiles ensures the highest possible color accuracy for demanding customers. X-Rite is the global leader in color science and technology.

Table conveyance system

The table of HD Apeiron/42 is moved by a precision timing belt transmission. Together with precise and extremely wear resistant support rollers on each side of the table, this forms our stable triple-point direction control system – a Contex technology.

HD Apeiron/42 lamp and light technologies

Dual LED strips mounted in elliptical reflectors result in correct and uniform colors – and no distance fading. The museum-correct light with no UV/IR radiation uniformly illuminates in all three dimensions, while the scan module shields off ambient light.

We use LEDs with TRI-R technology. The combination of cutting-edge LED technology and phosphor (patented technology) recreates the natural light spectrum.

Adobe RGB, Device RGB and sRGB

Contex CCD scanners have several different options for color space. In addition to the common sRGB our large format scanners also offers color spaces with a wider gamut as preferred by color specialists. Adobe RGB and Device RGB has a larger color gamut than sRGB. This allows differences in very bright and saturated colors to be maintained in your digital file.

Gigabit Ethernet xDTR2.5

Optimized for up to 100 MB per second. Up to 60% faster transfer rate than with xDTR2 thanks to new improved electronics.

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed xDTR3

We have adapted our xDTR technology to work with the USB 3.0 SuperSpeed protocol increasing its performance dramatically. It has the fastest data transfer rate of any scanner on the market.

Gbit throttling buffer control

1GB buffer eliminates scanner pausing. Maintain your scan speeds and meet those deadlines


Accuracy Lens Enhancement (ALE) technology that electronically maintains 0.1% +- pixel precision across any two points of the scan line thus exceeding even the most rigid requirements in the industry today. Contex delivers a very high grade of precision stability in the scanned image.


To get the best results, your scanner and software should work with full 48-bit data. Where other scanners ignore some of this data, newer Contex scanners work with true 48-bit color capture.


Nextimage Apeiron software included
Windows OS
All leading large format printer brands


Maximum Scan Height / Maximum Focal Plane Above Table 5.1 inch (130 mm)
Maximum Media Length 64 inch (1625 mm)
Table conveyance system Precision timing belt transmission with triple-point direction control system
Lamp angles Four options for different angles of lighting
Lamp specifications No UV/IR radiation. No warm up time. Lifetime = scanner lifetime. LED spectrums: 2,700K/ 5,000K/, 6,500K
3D effect Yes. Post-scanning option in the software to slide for desired 3D effect
Technology CCD
Maximum Resolution (interpolated) 9600 dpi
Optical Resolution 1200 dpi
Maximum Scan Width 42 inch (1067 mm)
Maximum Media Width 43.8 inch (1113 mm)
Maximum Media Thickness 10 inch (254 mm)
Accuracy 0.1% +/- 1 pixel
Power Consumption Ready (standby): 36W. Sleep: 1.3W. Scan: 76W (Energy Star 3.0 compliant)
File formats TIF, JPG, PDF, PDF/A, DWF, CALS, BMP, JPEG-2000(JP2), JPEG2000 Extended(JPX), TIF-G3, TIF-G4, others
Operating System Windows 11 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit
Energy Star Compliant Yes, version 3.0
CCD cameras 6 CCD cameras with Fujufilm lenses and quad-linear Toshiba CCDs (RGB and gray)
Depth of focus +/- 10 mm (at 300 dpi)
Total number of pixels 256,320 pixels
Country of origin Designed and engineered in Denmark. Manufactured in China.
Certifications/compliance FADGI **** (4 stars), CRI level >98, ISO 19264-1:2021 compliant
Power supply 110 V / 230 V / 240 V, 60/50 Hz
Weight Approx 412 lbs (187 kg) – no professional movers required
300 dpi 6 ips color scan speed
Recommended PC (not included) 2.4 GHz processor, 8 cores (16 logical processors) or better 64-bit processors, 32 GB RAM and SSD SATA drive
Maximum Scan Length 60 inch (1524 mm)
Included software Nextimage Apeiron
Connectivity Min. USB 3.0 SuperSpeed or Gigabit Ethernet