Linear Series Printers

Linear Series Printers

Magnetic Linear Drive System

Our Linear Drive series printers revolutionize the industry by using the advanced magnetic drive system to move the print carriage at speeds of 5 ft./second. The Linear Drive system, along with the high performing Kyocera printheads in symmetrical array format (CMYK KYMC), allow for the highest quality and speed of any UV printer in the industry. Our Linear model comes in 126” Hybrid, 4×8 Flatbed, 5×10 Flatbed, 126″ Roll-to-Roll, and 196″ Roll-to-Roll options. Each of these models are field upgradeable from 4 to 10 printheads. All CET Color printers come standard with LED curing lamps, and a static guard kit. The Hybrid unit is equipped with a roll feed/take-up system and tables at no additional charge. Other features include:

  • Uses fast-drying, VOC-free UV inks
  • Retractable alignment bar for accurate and rigid media alignment
  • Pin registration for accurate & consistent​ rigid media alignment
  • Symmetrical array format (CMYK KYMC)

K2-500 Flatbed Linear: 4′ X 8′

K2-1000 Flatbed Linear: 5′ X 10′

K2-1000 Hybrid Linear: 126″

K2-3200 Turbo Roll to roll Linear: 126″

K2-5000 Roll to roll Linear: 196″

Kyocera Printheads:

  • State-of-the-art Kyocera print head technology featuring 2,656 nozzles per head
  • Ultra-fine variable dots: 4-6-10 picoliters
  • Configurable from 4-10 printheads in double-rows