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BK3 and TK3S models available. Let us customize a cutter and size to fit your needs.
Both come with conveyor option to enjoy continues feed action and cutting.


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Rigid Substrates




Backlit Film




Car Sticker


Reflective Materials

Electrical Oscillating Tool may be used to cut rigid substrates accurately, fast and efficiently. Driven Rotary Tool is used to cut textiles; perfect cutting output. Universal Cutting Tool (Tangential Tool/Drag Knife) is used to cut the backlit film; fast and low-cost. CNC Router is used to cut and engrave Acrylic, PVC Foam, and MDF Aluminium Composites; spindle with rotating speed at 60,000 rpm and an applicable thickness of 20mm. CCD Camera Registration System and Kiss-CUT Tool is used to cut vinyl sticker, the cutting depth is automatically adjusted during cutting. Kiss-Cut Tool is used to cut reflective materials; automatic depth adjustment is available along with freely switching through-cutting and half-cutting.




Since it was founded in 1994, iECHO has been focused on providing more intelligent and efficient production and processing platforms for Post-Processing industries.

iECHO’s new integrated high-speed digital cutting system combines high performance with high speed and high quality. Equipped with modularized cutting tools, iECHO cutting systems satisfy customers unique cutting requirements.

Includes integrated through-cutting, half-cutting, milling, creasing and marking in one machine. iECHO helps customers complete innovative, unique and high-quality products quickly and accurately in limited time and space; effectively enhancing your competitiveness.

01: Energy-Saving Vacuum Pump with Frequency Converter

With frequency converter, the vacuum power adjusts according to different materials and uses low energy consumption.

02:Safety Device

Equipped with infrared automatic sensor device, the Safety Device provides a safe working environment.

03:Regional Vacuum Suction

The vacuum suction area can b selected according to the size of the materials, improving the suction effect.

04: Automatic Knife Initialization

Adjust the depth of knife automatically, quickly and accurately.

05:Complete Cutting Tools

iECHO cutting systems have a complete set of cutting tools for materials (Paper, Vinyl, KT Board, Corrugated board, Foam, PVC, Acrylic, etc.) The cutting tools support through-cutting, half-cutting, V-cutting, engraving, creasing, marking, etc.

06: Comfortable Operating Platform

All the operations are completed by one PC, no touch-screen required.

07:Convenient Data Management

The Barcode system can retrieve corresponding cutting files automatically, simplifying the operation process.

08:Accurate and Stable Working Table

The cutting table is built with aviation aluminium which contains a honeycomb structure inside; sturdy, high-precision, stable for long-term running.

High-precision automatic positioning system

With the high-definition CCD camera, locating and contour cutting can be available to various materials automatically and precisely. This solves the problems of manual positioning and printing distortion so as to easily achieve a precise cutting result. iECHO’s diversified positioning mode meets different cutting requirements for different materials with the guaranty of high precision contour cutting.

  • Dot/cross contour-cutting flexible with multiple ways for positioning and high precision
  • Back-side contour-cutting meets the requirements for processing different materials, effectively avoiding over-cutting
  • Large format contour-cutting large format materials can be processed with high efficiency and precision by cooperation of the automatic conveyor system
  • Edge-scanning contour-cutting scanning materials edges for positioning Edge-scanning contour-cutting scanning materials edges for positioning

High-Power Router Module

  • High-efficiency application
    Router module with high-frequency rotor can be used to cut hard materials and soft foamed materials of up to 50mm thickness. Its performance of high speed and efficiency is superior to the traditional cutting equipment, which can maximize the output of the processed materials, and can meet the demand of 24/7 production.
  • Air cooling system
    The system cools the spindle and blade by air flow, which significantly extends the lifetime of each tool.
  • Excellent performance
    Imported spindle with 1.0kw or 3.6kw power available. Rotation speed can be up to 60,000 rpm with different materials, application requirements. This allows a smoother cutting edge.
  • Dust suction device
    The specialized dust suction device minimizes dust during processing.
  • Three-dimensional System
    The iECHO 3D system can mill simultaneously in 3-axis (X,Y and Z axis). The system can be used to make three-dimensional relief logos with 3D cutting files.

Pneumatic clamp, just one step to complete router bit change

  • The efficiency of auto router bit changer is 10 times the ordinary manual changing mode
  • No tools are required for changing
  • The router bit changing can be completed without removing the router module
  • Safe, fast, easy to operate

  • Fully automatic router bit changer, no need for manual changing, available with multiple blades
  • One module can realize engraving milling lettering polishing and chamfering
  • Compatible with PRO Series Models
  • Available with oil lubrication device for aluminum processing

  • Automatic router bit cleaning device
  • The system automatically cleans the residue on the bit before changing to keep the router bit library clean

  • The maximum processing depth is 50mm
  • Available bit shank diameters are 4mm, 6mm and 8mm
  • Brush’s automatic height detection function
  • The brush on the high-power router module is motor-controlled, which can automatically detect material thickness


Specialized for V-Cut processing on corrugated materials, iECHO V-Cut Tool can cut 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30° and 45°



iECHO CTT is perfect for creasing corrugated materials. Coordinated with the cutting software, this tool can cut material along its structure or in the reverse direction to achieve the finest creasing result without any damage to the corrugated material’s surface.


iECHO UCT can perfectly cut materials with thickness up to 5mm. Compared to other cutting tools, UCT is the most cost-effective, and allows for the fastest cutting speed with lowest maintenance cost. Protective sleeve equipped with spring ensures cutting accuracy.


With imported spindle, iECHO RZ has a rotating speed of 60,000 rpm. The router, driven by high frequency motor, can be applied for cutting hard materials with the maximum thickness of 20mm. iECHO RZ realizes 24/7 working requirements. Customized cleaning device cleans up the production dust and debris while the air cooling system extends blade life.


Driven by compressed air, iECHO POT with 8mm stroke, is perfect for cutting hard and compact materials. Equipped with different kinds of blades, the POT can make a large variety of cuts. Material can be cut up to 110mm by using specialized blades.


The kiss cut tool is mainly used for cutting vinyl materials (labels). iECHO KCT makes it possible that the tool cuts through the top part of the material without any damage to the bottom part. It allows high cutting speed for material processing.


The Electrical Oscillating Tools is extremely suitable for cutting medium density material. Coordinated with various kinds of blades, iECHO EOT is able to cut different materials and achieve a 2mm arc.


The Driven Rotary Tool cuts materials by servo motor driven high-speed rotating blades. DRT can be installed with circular blades and decagonal blades, especially suitable for cutting woven materials.


iECHO EOT3 is suitable for cutting sandwich board, honeycomb materials, vertical corrugated board, thick cardboard and tough leather. The 2.5mm stroke allows this tool to cut and process thick and hard materials with high speed. Air cooking device can extend the working life of blades.


When compared with DRT, iECHO PRT, because of its strong power, is suitable for cutting a wider variety of materials. PRT even excels with the challenges of glass fiber and kevlar fiber.

Intelligent Material Library


  • Contains processing ways for hundreds of materials from more than ten industries.
  • Can choose the best cutting tool and blade according to selected material.
  • The system can choose the best cutting mode and speed according to the material thickness.
  • Router cutting file can be automatically layered. Fast edit cutting files without the need to set individually.
  • No experience required to operate
  • Users can create their own material library according to their special materials
  • Compatible with all iECHO products

Smooth Line

System simplifies the process of cut line creation select the image file format that need to be edited, then the system automatically creates cut files.


Compatible with different RIP software

Auto processing system is compatible with caldera, wasatch, ONYX MainTop. etc.


Automatic Bleeding

To cut a perfect edge,Auto Processing system has automatic bleeding creating functions, which facilitates users to adjust the bleeding according to their requirements.


Convenient Operation

Convenience and efficiency are the main factors in the Auto Processing system. Under the guidance of professionals, you can master the operation of Auto Processing system within 1 hour and be proficient in the usage of Auto Processing system in a single day.

A barcode management system for cutting tasks

Cutting tasks automatically generate barcodes. The task information corresponds to the barcodes respectively. Customers can quickly get the cutting task through the barcode system.

Automatically add mark points

Cloud Service Module

Users can enjoy fast online service through cloud service module. This includes:

  • Remote problem diagnosis – users can get assistance from network engineers online before having on-site service
  • Remote system upgrade users have free system upgrades through internet with latest operating system distributed to the Cloud Service Module

Router with automatic router bit changer

  • With automatic router bit changing function, multiple types of router bits can change at random without human labor
  • Up to 9 different types of router bits can be set in the bit holder
  • One module can realize engraving, milling lettering polishing and chamfering
  • Automatic router bit cleaning device

Barcode recognition system

  • High-definition camera
  • CCD
  • Barcode scanner


Pro Series cutting system provide a total solution for a wide variety of materials used within the automotive industry including textiles, PVC and many other interior components.


PRO Series cutting system provides a total cutting solution to the advertising industry. Cutting can be performed on PP paper, KT board, Foam board, stickers, corrugated board, honeycomb and other materials. Equip it with high-speed milling spindle for acrylic, aluminum plastic plate and other hand materials. Production can be automated full-time with the automatic roll/sheet feeder.


PRO Series cutting system provides an integrated cutting solution to the home textile industry. It can significantly improve the textile utilization and processing efficiency, while effectively improving product quality. Achieve high efficiency of products, low supplies cost, and quality optimization.





PRO Series cutting system can replace hand-painting, hand-cutting and other traditional crafts in the composite material products processing. Especially made for irregular patterns and other complex samples, effectively improving the production efficiency and cutting accuracy.


Equipped with Driven Rotary Tool (DRT), Notch & Punching Tool (PPT) and automatic correction system, PRO Series cutting system provides an integrated cutting solution to Brand garments and the advances custom made garments industry.


PRO Series cutting system provides professional and stable integrated cutting solution for non-metallic industries, such as footwear, luggage, membrane, sporting goods, toys, wind power, medical supplies etc.


iECHO was founded in 1994, with more than 20 years development on cutting technologies. iECHO is now the leading manufacturer of digital cutting systems in China.

The company provides integrated cutting solutions to signage & Graphics industry. With good quality and excellent performance, iECHO products are highly praised by customers from more than 90 countries all over the world.

With continuous innovation, iECHO will keep providing customers with new intelligent cutting technologies, letting the customer all over the world enjoy the extreme post-processing experience iECHO has to offer.


Branch Offices in China

More than  90

Services Offices all over the world

More than 100


More than 5,000

Customers  in Signage Graphics Industry


Type PRO1700 PRO2600 PRO3000
Cutting Area 67″ x 51″ 98″ x 67″ 118″ x 67″
Machine Dimensions 98″ x 82″ 126″ x 92″ 145″ x 94″
Max. Cutting Speed Up to 59 ips
Cutting Accuracy .00393″ or .09982mm
Max. Cutting Thickness 1.969″ or 50mm
Data Format DXF, HPGL, PDF
Media Handling Adjustable Zone Vacuum System
Pump Power 5.5KW / 7.5KW / 9KW
Power 220V / 50HZ 380V / 50HZ
Operating Environment Temperature 32″F – 90* F Humidity 20% – 80%RH
Warranty One Year On-Site