Flatbed Series Printers

Flatbed Series Printers

True flatbed architecture

Our Flatbed Series Printers are an excellent choice for those that need accurate, double-sided, full-bleed prints. CET’s Flatbed series printers offer precise and high-speed printing with improved ink delivery. We offer three sizes (3.25′ X 5′, 4′ X 8′, and 5′ X 10′) and two printhead options (Ricoh Gen6 and Kyocera). All CET Flatbed printers are field upgradeable if you decide you need a different configuration! Additionally, included with all CET Flatbed printers are LED Cure Lamps and a Static Guard Kit. Other features of our Flatbed units include:

  • Uses fast-drying, VOC-free UV inks
  • Fast, simultaneous white ink over and under-printing
  • Head height adjustment measures and adjusts the print head for media up to 4″ thick
  • Pin registration for accurate and consistent rigid media alignment​​​
  • 4-zone vacuum table with reversible blower for ease of loading/unloading (500 & 1000)

Q6/K2-250 Flatbed: 3.25′ X 5′

Q6/K2-500 Flatbed: 4′ X 8′

Q6/K2-1000 Flatbed: 5′ X 10′

Ricoh Gen6 Printheads

  • Latest Ricoh print head technology featuring 1,280 nozzles per head.
  • Ultra-fine variable dots: 5-10-15 picoliters
  • Configurable from 2-4 printheads single-row (250) and 2-8 printheads double-row (500 & 1000)
  • Prints CMYK at a true greyscale resolution of 300 dpi

Kyocera Printheads:

  • State-of-the-art Kyocera print head technology featuring 2,656 nozzles per head
  • Ultra-fine variable dots: 4-6-10 picoliters
  • Configurable from 2-4 printheads single-row (250) and 2-8 printheads double-row (500 & 1000)