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Contex IQ 4400 Series

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HD Ultra X 6090 ScanStationPRO

Wide, fast and perfect for bureaus and other professionals

HD Ultra X 6090

The world’s fastest and widest CCD scanner

HD Ultra X 6050 ScanStationPRO

Wide and advanced to fit needs of professionals

HD Ultra X 6050

Wide and advanced CCD scanner

HD Ultra i4290s ScanStation PRO

The solution for productive professionals

HD Ultra i4250s ScanStation PRO

The professional high-quality scanner

HD Ultra i4250s

Scanning and copying perfection

HD Ultra i3690s

A scanner for productivity

HD Ultra i3650s

Perfection in large format scanning

IQ Quattro 4490 ScanStationPRO

High-quality and high-speed scanner for bureaus

IQ Quattro 4490

High-quality at a high speed

IQ Quattro 4450 ScanStationPRO

Document scanning and copying for professionals

  • CIS technology
  • 7 ips in 200 dpi RGB Color
  • 1200 dpi
  • $$

IQ Quattro 4450

Perfect for technical documents

  • CIS technology
  • 7 ips in 200 dpi color
  • 1200 dpi
  • $$

IQ Quattro 44 MFP Repro

High-quality copier with scan to file

IQ Quattro 3690

High-speed, high-quality document scanner

IQ Quattro 3650

High quality technical document scanner

IQ Quattro 36 MFP Repro

High-quality document copier with scan to file

IQ Quattro 2490

A1/ D-size, high-quality scanner

IQ Flex

Versatile stand-alone A2 flatbed scanner

  • CIS- technology
  • Full image area scan in 6 seconds (200 dpi RGB Color)
  • 1200 dpi
  • Download Brochure

SD One MF 44

Connected to your workflow

SD One MF 36

Scan, copy, share and personalize

SD One MF 24

Versatile stand-alone

SD One+ 36

On-the-go scanner

SD One+ 24

For the occasional need