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If this is a new scanner, the Nextimage key is provided to you by your reseller. Please contact the reseller where you purchased the scanner to obtain the key.

If you have an existing installation and are required to re-install Nextimage on a new PC due to computer failure, then the software key is typically provided to you in a PDF file from the reseller or it may be located on rear of the CD case. In the event you cannot locate either of these and the original PC is still function then you may obtain the software license from the following locations,

Nextimage 1.x
Located in the following registry entry,

Nextimage 2.x or above
Located in the following ini file,

If you cannot locate your key in any of the above mentioned methods then provide your reseller with original proof of purchase, such as a paid invoice itemizing the purchase of Nextimage so a free replacement key may be provided to you.

When a Nextimage software key does not work, it is typically only for one of two reasons.

a.) Please ensure you are logged into the PC as the Local Administrator when entering the key.

b.) Nextimage keys are specific to the version of software you own. For example, a Nextimage version 1 key will not work with version 4 software. It is very common for a user to upgrade to Nextimage version 4 and have their key no longer work due to incompatibility. The solution is to downgrade back to Nextimage version 1.x or purchase a new updated software key.

There are two applications required to successfully install most scanners. The WIDEsystem scanner drivers and the Nextimage scanning application. WIDEsystem installs the scanner drivers and Nextimage is performs the scans. Both applications may be downloaded from the Contex website at, Nextimage requires a software license to function so please contact your local reseller to obtain a license.

Most Contex scanners require a Hardware License to activate the scanner. Hardware Licenses may be used to both activate as well as upgrade features in the scanner. The Hardware License is provided to you by your local reseller. More information about the Hardware License may be found on the Contex website here,


The User Guide is located on the WIDEsystem CD that comes with your scanner. Alternatively, you may download the User Guide by going to the Contex support site and selecting your scanner model from the list. The User Guide will be at the top of the list of downloads.

You may obtain warranty information from your local reseller or you may also input your serial number at the following lookup page,

You must install WIDEsystem which provides Windows with the appropriate device drivers for your scanner. Ensure you are logged into the PC as the Local Administrator when installing WIDEsystem. To verify if your scanner is supported by the operating system installed on your PC, check the supported OS List located on the downloads page for each scanner.

When installing WIDEsystem and Nextimage, it is important to ensure you are logged into the PC as the Local Administrator so the scanner will be available to each user on the Domain.

Technical Support is typically provided to you by your local reseller. If you need assistance identifying your reseller, you may enter your scanners serial number at the following location,

Vertical lines in your image are typically caused by dirt or scratches on the glass plate. Please clean the glass to remove the streaks. Please see your Scanner User’s Guide for more information in dealing with this problem.

Note: Dirt present on the glass plate during calibration will be memorized by the scanner and may later show up as bright colorless vertical lines in the image. Such lines cannot be removed by cleaning the glass plate alone. Therefore you must perform both cleaning and then re-run calibration in WIDEsystem as well.