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CET Color

Who installs and trains for the CET Color printing presses?

CET Color certified technicians install the CET Color printing presses and train you in the operation and care of your new printer. The Print Spooler of the CET Color printing presses is highly intuitive and operators can become proficient in the printers’ operations in a matter of minutes. The CET Color printing presses are ergonomically designed for user comfort and ultimate usability.

What documentation comes with the CET Color printing presses?

Prior to installation you will receive the CET Color printing presses Pre-Installation Requirements which provides basic pre-installation information such as electrical requirements, recommended ambient conditions, and working area. Every CET Color printing press comes with an Owner’s Manual that will guide you through printer operation and maintenance in a straight-forward, step-by-step format.

What is involved in daily maintenance?

CET Color printers require very little daily maintenance. At the start and end of each day and after every four hours printing, the operator will clean and wipe the print heads to prevent ink build up. Cleaning the print heads is a simple procedure that only takes a few minutes.

What site prep is required for CET Color printing presses?

There is very limited site preparation required before the CET Color printing presses arrives at your doorstep. The CET Color Pre-Installation Requirements and Pre-Shipment Form will walk you through the process.

Do the CET Color printing presses require a concrete floor?

Not necessarily. The CET Color printing presses range from 3,645 lbs. to 1,102 lbs. Weight is evenly distributed over the four corners of the press. The floor does need to be level and capable of supporting the press weight.

Do the CET Color printing presses require special ventilation?

No! The UV inks do not produce VOC’s or unpleasant odors while printing or during the post-cure period. Special ventilation is NOT required.

What electrical setup do the CET Color printing presses require?

The CET Color printers electrical configuration requires 2 SEPARATE single-phase 220 volt AC circuits rated at 30 amps each direct from electrical panel to the press.

What are the work space requirements?

We suggest an operation work space of a minimum of two feet (24″) on all sides of the printing press. Other dimensions and setup information are published in the CET Color Site Pre-Installation Requirements.

Are there any environmental limitations for the CET Color printing presses?

Recommended standard conditions for operation are as follows:

Temperature: 68°F to 86°F

Humidity: 40% – 70%, non-condensing.

Ventilation: No special ventilation required. Avoid using printer near open windows, outside doors, or heating/cooling systems.

Protect printer and ink reservoirs from moisture, dust, drafts and direct sunlight.