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Establishing a presence for foreign brands in the US marketplace can be a rewarding and profitable venture when partnering with an experienced distributor.
There are many challenges for a new brand trying to develop successful sales of capital equipment in the US.  First and foremost is the development of a confident and aggressive dealer network with a good understanding of a product and how it fits into a the end-user’s workspace.  Dealers that can not only sell the products but include vital support and add-ons that make end-users successful, making them referrals for new sales.

What does it take to attract these dealers, support and maintain them?

Our research shows potential dealers only commit to reselling equipment if it has U.S. based service and support.  Further before committing to purchasing demo units and spending marketing dollars they want sales and service training performed at their locations.  In a market with other established brands to compete against that HAVE these advantages already, their concerns are legitimate and requirements reasonable.

There is a way to have this without having to invest and build out a fully-fledged US based operations hub – all while maintaining full control. 

AZON Distribution Services

Services include:

  • Thorough market research that can be relied upon to make important business decisions
  • A dedicated executive focused solely on U.S. market development.
  • Providing trained On-Site and Phone support service technicians.
  • Product knowledgeable Customer Service staff.
  • Marketing staff to support a robust and demanding dealer network with
    • An aggressive online marketing strategy
    • Print media articles in appropriate trade periodicals
    • Regional and national trade shows

And all the ancillary reporting and financial minutia needed to present a professional local presence in the U.S

Product Categories include large format printers, large format scanners, large format laminators and other color printing equipment.

AZON Distribution Service is the key to growing your market share and accompanying profits.