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Suwanee, GA (August 29, 2018) –Vanguard Digital Printing Systems is pleased to announce for the third year in a row, they have been honored with the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association’s [SGIA] prestigious Product of the Year award in three unique printer categories:

  • UV Flatbed ($100K-200K) –For the third year in a row, the Vanguard Digital VK300D 5’x10’ Flatbed UV printer has dominated in this category.
  • UV Flatbed + White ($100K-200K) – A new win for Vanguard Digital in 2018, the VK300D 5’x10’ Flatbed UV printer has been honored with this award.
  • UV Flatbed (under $100K) – Also a new win for Vanguard Digital in 2018, the VR5D 4’x8’ Flatbed UV printer is the recipient of this award.

This annual competition showcases the highest quality machines and most innovative advances in the specialty imaging and print industry.

Vanguard Digital Printing Systems is building a proud history of adapting products to meet their family of clients’ needs by defining the market through ever evolving innovation, quality, and speed. “We don’t force our clients to adapt to our equipment,” said Dave Cich, President of Vanguard Digital, “but rather, we adapt our equipment to fit the needs of our clients’ unique applications.” Embodying the personal and flexible nature of a small business with the innovation of the largest of businesses, Vanguard Digital embraces person al connections with their clients, which is at the core of their success. Those long-term relationships and open collaboration of ideas between the Vanguard Digital Team and their clients, are at the heart of what drives Vanguard Digital’s innovation and supports our clients’ growth.

The now four-time award winning VK300D remains the industry game changing high

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production flatbed UV printer, featuring unrivaled quality, output, and design. The VK300D digital printer can print substrates up to 4” thick and with the ability to add up to 10 printheads, it can produce an impressive 40 boards per hour with sellable quality. With amazing tonal accuracy, the VK300D prints at resolutions up to 1800 apparent DPI, featuring adjustable LED curing technology (CureGuard™) and anti-static bars (StaticGuard™) for greater control on a wider variety of both rigid and flexible media.

The VR5D is a 4’x8’ fixed table flatbed UV printing system, with unparalleled speed and quality at an impressive price point, the VR5D is the clear choice for growing print service providers. Robust and full featured, the VR5D can be configured in a number of ways to fit the client’s needs. With just two print heads the VR5D can print up to 60 4’x8’ boards in a single shift, a second row of print heads can be added for speeds of up to 15 boards per hour. Like the VK300D, this printer can be configured with the proprietary BandGUARD configuration, YMCK-KCMY, allowing ink to be jetted in the same color order in either direction, giving you higher quality prints in fewer passes.

This year at the SGIA Expo in Booth 1173, Vanguard Digital Printing Systems is excited to demonstrate their two award winning printers, their VSP1400 single pass UV printer printing 4’x8’ boards in 6 seconds, along with the introduction of a NEW robust flatbed cutter andNEW 3.2m roll-to-roll UV printer.

Vanguard Digital would be honored to meet with you to discuss your printing needs and welcome you to The Vanguard Family!


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About Vanguard Digital Printing Systems

VAN•GUARD /van•gärd/ (noun): “A group of people leading the way in new developments and ideas” is what we have always believed in. Now we are making that definition even more of a reality.

We have designed a fresh new product, have a strong belief in what we are doing and want to include as many people as we can to be part of our group and our growth. With industry leading features and two different upgradeable printer platforms, your success with Vanguard Digital Printing Systems will be quickly realized. We look forward to working with you and your team in developing a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

For more information, visit VDPS on the web at, or connect with us on social media:



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Dave Cich

Vanguard Digital Printing Systems

(470) 326-3790