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By admin / April 24, 2020

Finally… Your AFFORDABLE Professional Book Scanner has arrived!

Introducing the CZUR M3000 Professional Book Scanner. The CZUR Scanner is designed for high quality and high-level applications. It is best suited for A3 + (meaning 11 x 17) documents including bound materials, historical documents, framed art and other artifacts. The M3000 comes complete with every item you may need including lighting, camera, book cradle, software, user manuals and finger cots. CZUR has six different operating modes – Hand button, Foot pedal, Scanner button, Software button and Auto scan button.

The M3000 uses a Sony CMOS 20 MP camera and onboard image processing for a high-quality scanned image. The CZUR is fast: out-scanning units twice its cost. The scanner features as standard, an outstanding suite of software that does image editing on the fly including Auto Trimming, Curve Flattening and an industry standard OCR platform. Another feature of the scanner is what is called the Visual Presenter platform which basically uses the camera to generate a video of movements under the scanner.

The CZUR software also contains a very sophisticated set of curve flattening and smart paging features to increase scanning productivity. The software will split the pages and produce two pages from one scan, providing the operator with choices. When initiated, the curve flattening function will greatly reduce or remove the natural curve in a bound document.

End users for this product are varied and include public schools, libraries, museums, college and universities – we have sold multiple units already, including the University of Michigan, so the education market is an excellent target for this scanner.

One of the real highlights of the CZUR software suite is the OCR functionality. The OCR features of the scanner can be completed in a post process format keeping the scanning as productive as possible. The scanned images can then be exported to multiple formats including MS Excel, MS Word and searchable PDF files.

If you wish to further investigate the CZUR scanner please view here: and please contact National / AZON at or 800-260-0839.


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